Houghton Regis

Thorn Turn

The Thorn Turn development is now complete (view Thorn Turn on Google Maps (link opens in new window)). The area, which is located between the A5 just south of Chalk Hill and Thorn Road that runs from the A5-M1 link road to the A5120, has been turned into a new multi-use site that includes a new Household Waste Recycling Centre (tidy tip) and highways depot.

The development includes:

  • a new, bigger and better household waste recycling centre (tidy tip)
  • a trade waste service (open from 30 April 2018)
  • a reuse shop (coming soon)
  • a salt barn for storing the salt used on roads in the winter
  • highways depot for vehicles and equipment
  • offices
  • land for commercial use (offices and/or general industrial use)

The new household waste recycling centre (tidy tip) has replaced the facility at Frenchs Avenue in Dunstable and the highways depot has replaced the current depot on Brewers Hill in Dunstable. Moving the tidy tip and highways depot out of town will help to reduce traffic in the town as well as making the household waste recycling centre (tidy tip) easier to get to for everyone.

About the new tidy tip

The new tidy tip is now easier to use because it is a modern two-level facility with:

  • a new layout, making it easier, quicker and convenient to use, increasing safety and minimising congestion
  • no stairs, providing safer and easier access to the containers
  • better lighting, signage and security
  • opportunity to recycle more materials than you can at the moment
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