Dunstable masterplan

Regenerating Dunstable

A number of major initiatives are transforming Dunstable:

  • the Luton-Dunstable busway now allows Luton to be reached in around 16 minutes, putting Luton’s employment opportunities, airport and fast London trains within easy reach
  • the A5 to M1 link road, with a new junction on the motorway, will reduce congestion
  • the Woodside Connection will provide heavy freight vehicles from industrial parks access to the motorway, avoiding the town centre
  • road infrastructure improvements will allow the detrunking of the A5, removing HGVs from the town centre
  • working closely with Dunstable Town Council, partners and the communities, a number of successes are being brought forward around Court Drive, including the Grove Theatre and associated developments
  • the Incuba centre (link opens in new window) is providing facilities for business start ups, with a particular emphasis on green and renewable technologies

See our short films ‘Dunstable - The Next Chapter (link opens in new window)' and 'Dunstable - A New Beginning' (link opens in new window) to see the challenges and impact of ongoing improvements and plans to regenerate Dunstable.

Highlights of the film include: transport links, leisure, shopping, housing, employment, education and much more.

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